Broadband – LET’S UNDERSTAND ITS types

Broadband – LET’S UNDERSTAND ITS types:

If you are willing to know about all the technicalities that are associated with broadband services, then you’re at luck to be here! As here we have mentioned out all the necessary information about the types of broadband services available in the market. The broadband technology that you will choose can depend upon several factors, but, before getting your broadband service, reading this blog will certainly help you a lot.

Number 1:Digital Subscriber LINE:

DSL broadband service provides transmission speeds ranging from several hundred to millions of bits per second. It is a wireline technology, providing a faster transmission of data over traditional copper wires. DSL has diverse applications and is being used for business and home purposes. Primarily, it can be divided into two types, upon which its service criteria depends.


  • Type 1 – ADSL: Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Lineis used mainly by residential customers. The chief factor about ADSLis that it allows faster data transmission. People often prefer the same connections for internet and voice service to save their costs. This technology enables the user to provide excellent services affecting the overall voice quality as well as the internet speed.


  • Type 2 – SDSL: Symmetrical Digital Subscriber Lineis typically used by businesses enterprises. It provides excellent upstream and downstream transmission, allowing organisations to fulfil their daily task. There aremore advanced versions of SDSL that are also used by organisations.
  1. High data rate Digital Subscriber Line (HDSL)
  2. Very High data rate Digital Subscriber Line (VDSL).

Number 2 – the Cable Modem:

A cable modem provides broadband services by the same coaxial cables that are used to provide pictures and sound to your TV set. Most cable modems use an external device that separates and converts the signals, transmitting it into internet signals. Cable modems provide transmission speeds of about 1 to 2 Mbps, therefore is suitable for home purposes only. These are not suitable for a business organisation as its transmission speed doesn’t fulfil the requirements. It is essential to make sure about the device that is being used. Using authorised and reliable modems can significantly help in increasing the oval speed and quality of the net.

Number 3 – Fiber optics:

A recent change in the technology introduced fibre optics – significantly influencing the quality of broadband services. Fibre optics technology works by converting electrical signals into light, which is then transmitted through thin glass fibres. The diameter of the wires is approximately the same as the human hair. This technology-enabled faster transmission of data significantly increased the qualityof the services. Fibre optics also have diverse applications and is being used for residential and as well as for commercial purposes. Telecommunication providers often limit their services to certain areas, depending upon the availability. Being one of the most excellent services ofbroadband Ireland service provider, pure telecom ensures the fastest and reliable internet.

Number 4 – Wireless:

Wireless broadband enables a faster and much efficient transmission of data, using radio links. It uses the technology of antenna and receivers, enabling mobility to users. There are comparatively fewer chances of a breakdown in a wireless transmission system, enabling extended range data broadcast. Speeds are generally much higher than the cable operated modems but can be little costly if compared to other broadband services. Wi-Fi networks use unlicensed devices and are designed for reserved access within a home or business, or be used for public Internet access; restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, airports, and city parks, etc. Downstream and upstream speed may depend upon several factors, which may include the package that is purchased, the device that is being used, antenna’s capability of receiving and sending the signals or sometimes also depends upon the weather conditions.

Number 5 – Broadband over Power line:

BPL is the distribution of broadband over the electric power distribution network. The transmission capability is somewhat equal and comparable to DSL and cable modems. But the costis significantly lower than the wireless connections. It is an emerging technology which has significantly influenced the world of broadband services. These are installed almost everywhere, significantly fulfilling’s current needs of broadband services. These are cheap as compared to other services, and offers the same services, almost up to the same extent.

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