Jeeto pakistan helpline

Jeeto Pakistan helpline is a well-known and effective show around the world. It is on broadcast two times per week; on Friday and Sunday multi month of the year and day by day during Ramadan. It was begun 4 years prior during Ramadan and it is facilitated by Pakistan’s superstar of showbiz industry Fahad Mustafa. Fahd Mustafa is most youthful big name of Pakistan and he is facilitating this show from the absolute first day till now. He has likewise done work in numerous dramatization serials and motion pictures, his ongoing celebrated film was Actor in Law.


Jeeto Pakistan helpline show is on circulated at ARY direct in night from 19:30 to 22:30. It is absolutely a business show which is supported by various organizations like Q. Mobile, Sogo, Qureshi and numerous different organizations. This show incorporates numerous portions and each fragment offers various prizes like bicycles, vehicles, gold, Umrah tickets, business plots and numerous different apparatuses are dispersed among individuals. Individuals are chosen for this show by Lucky Draw and one can be chosen by doing shopping of rs 5000/= from any ARY outlet. One important condition to be a piece of this show is that you can go just with your family else you won’t be permitted to join this show. The primary two fragments where you can get a great deal of prizes are “Khul gain kismet” and “Bat banti roughage”. First taking about “khul gai qismat”, in this game two families are chosen by Lucky attract from the house individuals. Every family have five goes to choose boxes numbered 1-25 individually, these 25 boxes contain for the most part two vehicles, 5 bikes, 5 tola gold, 120 and 80 guz plot and numerous different things. Along these lines, in this game the two families have most extreme odds of winning every one of these things. On the off chance that in initial three turns the two families neglect to open a crate which contains the endowment of vehicle, at that point host of the show called individuals arbitrarily and allow them to open a container of their decision. What’s more, after three turns on the off chance that any family chooses a case which contains low value prize, at that point that family will get an opportunity to change their case. Along these lines, this game end after 10 abandons the two families. What’s more, in the second acclaimed game “Bat banti hy “7 individuals are chosen by Lucky attract who are advised to remain before box of gold which contains gold 1 tola, 3 tola, 5 tola, 10 tola, 20 tola, 30 tola and 50 tola in Ramadan and 10 tola, 5 tola, 3 tola, 1 tola, 5 gram, 7 tola and 1 gram. Nobody realizes which box has progressively gold and these crates are set haphazardly. Presently, from these chose 7 individuals one individual is additionally chosen by Lucky draw and that is the player of the game and all others will get just blessing hampers. At that point that chose individual is solicited to open any crate from his/her decision. The case which he will request to open will be opened and that case will leave the game and toward the end he/she will left with just one box that is his/her crate. In the event that that crate which is won by the player contains more than 5 toal gold then he/she is likewise offered with arrangement box which can contain numerous things of more worth and can be under 5 tola, however nobody thinks about arrangement box what it contains aside from the host. In any case, toward the finish of the game all crates are appeared before group of spectators.


This show is brimming with fun and stimulation. Numerous different superstars likewise come to advance their motion pictures/Tv. Serials or just to build the excitement. jeeto Pakistan helpline is a family show which is famous among all age individuals. This show as of late has finished 300 scenes. I like this show without a doubt.


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