The Causes of Hair Loss?

The causes of hair loss area unit terribly varied.

Diffuse hair loss: virgin birth baldness, telogen discharge, anagen discharge, alopecia

Among the diffuse hair loss, the foremost common area unit common baldness (male and feminine steroid hormone alopecia) and telogen discharge (after high fever, pregnancy, drugs or a severe diet). The anagen discharge causes a unforeseen fall in hair once therapy or throughout the alopecia. The genetic hair loss is ascertained from birth or rather throughout childhood (moniletrix, syndrome of indigenous hair obsolete, ectodermic dysplasias).

Localized hair loss: specialiste cuir chevelu paris

virgin birth baldness, alopecia, cicatricial baldness, tumors

The hair falls localized area unit seen within the context of male steroid hormone baldness (gulfs, tonsure), flora infections (ringworm), the alopecia pathology , baldness evoked by tractions (trichotillomania, braids and hair straightening) or cicatricial baldness (lupus erythematosus, lichen , decollating rubor , centrifugal central cicatricial baldness, fibrosing frontal baldness biological time …). Tumors and skin growths are amid hair loss localized (sebaceous growth, basal cell malignant neoplastic disease, epithelial cell carcinoma).

Stress and Hair Loss

The responsibility for stress has typically been concerned within the prevalence of hair loss, however, has not been incontestible so far by relevant scientific studies in humans. Recent studies show that stress will induce or irritate a telogen discharge in mice – however it’s premature to extrapolate these results to humans.

We area unit all victims of the strain evoked by the events of a standard of living (separation, death of a beloved …), we tend to should think about the role of stress once a major hair loss happens within the weeks following the associate feeling of associate abnormally high intensity.

Treatment of hair loss

The effective treatment of hair loss needs to see the cause.

  • Telogen effluviums might indicate the management of a deficiency (iron, nutrition B12) or a thyroid drawback however they typically heal while not treatment once three to four months (after gestation, fever, surgery …). The telogen discharge evoked by a drug intake (isotretinoin, anticholesterol, medicament …) needs once potential the replacement of the treatment with another molecule.
  • Anagen effluvia of therapy might, to a particular extent, be decreased by preventive measures (cold helmet).
  • Skin problem and general conditions that cause specific hair loss ought to be treated per every case. The roundworm needs agent treatment systemically. Treatment of lichen needs native, intralesional or general corticosteroids and typically artificial antimalarials (Plaquenil). The scarring baldness area unit delicate treatment, they need the utilization of associate professional scalp. Once the method is stable reconstruction by hair transplant is typically potential.

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